Add A Little Color To Your Life  
At The Copper Zone.  
Thank you for visiting The Copper Zone website! Our goal is to provide a refreshingly positive tanning experience - and change the way people view tanning!  
Guests will enjoy an atmosphere of relaxation and cleanliness in our upscale Smart Tan Certified salon, while being treated with respect by professional, certified staff. You can rest in the comfort that every time you visit the salon, you enter a trustworthy environment: you know the beds are clean and the staff is an educated associate. As the client, you will always be treated with the utmost respect. That's our guarantee.  
We've done extensive research and are pleased to provide you with the experience of tanning in the luxurious Royal Sun and Sonnenbraune beds. You will have the option of tanning in one of our three 30/2 (30 lamps/2 facial tanners) 20 minute beds, the deluxe Super Bed - a 52 lamp/8 facial tanner, 12 minute bed, our DV7 - a 54 lamp bed with 1200 watt facial tanners and a 9 minute tanning time, or our Standup Diva Tower, 48 lamps/9 minute tan, 91.5" for the taller tanner, from the same line as the DV7. The DV7 is a northwest exclusive - only at The Copper Zone. The DV7 allows guests the most comfortable tanning experience available, by providing maximum room and an air conditioning unit built into the bed. All our beds have the following features:  
  • Optimal tanning room.
  • Flatter construction, not curved, providing more comfort.
  • Facial lamps (special lamps for tanning your face).
  • Built-in high-power body fans or air-conditioning.
  • Intercoms to the front counter.
At The Copper Zone, the beds are cleaned and the rooms vacuumed after each use. Tired of listening to your neighbor's music while trying to enjoy the few minutes of relaxation you may be getting? Each room offers over 100 choices of music through the DMX system - with no static and no talk; and the best part - the DMX system comes to you through the privacy of your own headphones.  
Additionally, The Copper Zone carries a wide variety of quality lotions for the serious tanner, including California Tan, Supre and Matahari. Our professional staff can help you choose the right lotion and guide you through steps to understand your skin type. We're here to help you achieve a beautiful tan.  
We want to make this website informative and educational for you. Please e-mail us with your questions and we will post the question and answer on the site soon.
The Copper Zone is all luxury.

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