Pain Management with Red Light Therapy

We are reaching out to you, to share information about an innovative way to manage pain that we, at The Copperzone, have been sharing with people of the community for close to a year. We hope to reach out to a new demographic of people who are battling chronic and/or widespread pain and share with them a less invasive way deal with their pain. It is our hope, that after hearing about the many benefits of infrared light therapy, that you might share this information with your patients and refer them to us when standard treatment is not enough.

Light therapy has been around for decades and has aided in helping people cope with a wide array of conditions, whether it be cosmetic or medical. Over 4,000 case studies have been conducted and proven the positive benefits of this type of light therapy. Research has shown that infrared light therapy can reduce pain by as much as 50% when using a treatment regimen. When undergoing infrared light therapy treatment, the wavelengths help increase circulation, which in return, reduces inflammation and pain. Infrared light also penetrates deep enough to stimulate cell regeneration, and helps the release of endorphins in the brain, acting as a natural pain reliever.

It's our hope that we can share our knowledge of infrared light therapy with people who are suffering from chronic and widespread pain and give them a natural alternative versus pain medication. We encourage you to reach out and ask us any questions and/or concerns you may have and to also do your own research on this innovative way to manage pain. We hope to hear from you soon!

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